The Beerthoven Concert Series is a down-to-earth, approachable celebration of classical song, chamber music, and beer; a quirky mixture of Bach and Doppelbock in a unique and intimate setting. Beerthoven finds its inspiration from the musical and festive events at the Austin Saengerrunde as well as the private “salon” concerts of Beethoven’s own time. All Beerthoven events feature snacks, drinks, and live classical music, all included with admission. There is no backstage area here; audience members may even find themselves standing in line for beer with the performers.


Beerthoven began in 2014 as an auxiliary of the Austin Saengerrunde, combining the club's love of great German music and great German beer. In 2015 Beerthoven began to broaden its reach in the community by joining the Austin Creative Alliance, a non-profit umbrella, and by attracting many fans from outside of the Saengerrunde. The Saengerrunde continues to serve as the primary venue and major sponsor of Beerthoven.

We seek to promote a greater spirit of community through the enjoyment of music. A special effort is made at Beerthoven events to make them free of unnecessary rules and formalities to which the audience must adhere. It is our hope that we might reach an audience that has or may develop an appreciation for classical music but would be unlikely to visit a traditional concert hall.

Beerthoven especially celebrates classical song and chamber music (for small ensembles of two or more). Programming is intentionally diverse in tone, instrumentation, and featured performers. Beerthoven supports local artists by offering fair compensation and a unique performance venue.

Thanks for checking us out! This video shows interviews with the Director of the Beerthoven Concert Series, Daniel Swayze, as well as some of its featured performers to give a sense we're about. Prost!


There is available parking and here is where we will talk about available parking. Look for parking in the state garages immediately surrounding the Saengerrunde facilities. If these are unavailable or closed off, try the Texas Capitol Visitors Center, three blocks south of the Saengerrunde on San Jacinto. During most of our events these are open and free of charge. Sometimes there is a parking attendant charging $7-$10--especially when concurrent events take place in the Erwin Center. We cannot guarantee their availability so we would recommend coming early in case you need to use the Capitol Visitors Center garage or find on-street parking.