Benefactors and sponsors at all levels are essential to making the Beerthoven Concert Series sustainable! Consider partnering with the Saengerrunde and other Benefactors by supporting these events. All Benefactors will receive recognition in Beerthoven programs, social media, and the Saengerrunde website. Benefactors will also be placed on the Beerthoven mailing list to receive info on upcoming events. Thanks to our membership with the Austin Creative Alliance, all monies given to Beerthoven are tax-deductible!


We don't offer "Gold" or "Executive" membership levels but we do offer the following, more appropriate Benefactor titles:

•Pilsner: $15-$54

For your cool and refreshing donation, Pilsner Benefactors and all others receive special thanks on our website and in our printed programs.

•Hefeweizen: $55-$99

For heartier donations, Hefeweizen Benefactors may receive a Beerthoven Stein, Pilsner Glass, or T-Shirt in thanks for your gift. 

•Doppelbock: $100+

Doppelbock Benefactors receive double the thanks in being offered one of our merchandise items as a thank-you gift as well as an invite to our end-of-season Home Brew Concert; an honest-to-goodness house concert featuring performers from our upcoming season.



2015-2016 Benefactors


Laszlo Lazcano

Wally Warrenburg

Garrett Washington


Cal and Joy Gooden

Cheryl Mebane

Victor Shami


Alla Burago 

Nejla Shami

Mark and JoAnn Young

Mollie Hejl

Amber Jonker and Helen Wiley

Henry Leighton

John and Jill McFarland

John and Kaye Squires



John Lehman

Danielle Duma

Paul and Amelia Mettke

Bill and Nan Hatcher


Brett Murphy

Neena Arora

Alejandro Medina

Mark and Pamela Herber

Mike and Sara Mosca

Cal and Joy Gooden

Younnie Meglino

Megan Hamilton


Dr. Alla Burago

Beth Dawson

Eileen Keller

Kent and Nancy Walls

Brice and Cynthia Bartek

Mark and JoAnn Young

Amber Jonker and Helen Wiley

Steve Morris and Suzan Nyfeler

Cynthia Morales

John and Kaye Squires

David Flannigan

Manfred Schiefer

Benefactors may also choose to be recognized as sponsors of the following specific items.

Season Sponsor: $5,000+ 

Event Sponsor: $2,000+ 

Piano Sponsor*: $2,000+

Artist Sponsor: $1,000+

Bowling Sponsor (adds bowling to events at the Saengerrunde!): $750 

Hors d’oeuvres Sponsor: $500 

Printing Sponsor: $250 


We would like to thank the following companies for their support!

2016-2017 Benefactors

Lazarus Brewing

The Austin Saengerrunde

Easy Tiger

Naked Wines


The Beerthoven Concert Series is a Sponsored Project of the Austin Creative Alliance. Ask about making your donation tax-deductible!