Level 1--Kraft Piano Lessons at Oskar Blues

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Level 1--Kraft Piano Lessons at Oskar Blues

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The perfect intro to music for those who have never touched an instrument: our Level 1 course introduces the fundamentals of reading music, playing the piano, and enhanced listening.

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Kraft Piano Lessons at Oskar Blues Brewing!

January 14th to March 4th, 2019

Level 1: Beginner
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Cheers to Oskar Blues for hosting this round of our Level 1 Kraft Piano course!

Basic Specs:

-8 weeks of lessons
-1 hour per lesson
-9 spots available
-9 keyboards set up for each lesson (one for each student)
-1 beer included in every lesson!
-Only $35 per lesson--beer and curriculum included!

Course Offerings:

-Beer-themed music theory and reading
-Piano technique
-Music history and appreciation
-Did we mention you'll get a beer at every lesson?


-No prior music training necessary!
-Good taste in beer encouraged
-Readiness to have FUN

Access to a piano for personal practice between lessons will help you get the best buzz from Kraft Piano lessons. For information on low-cost piano keyboard rentals, check out Capital Music Center and tell them Beerthoven sent you!

Oskar Blues is located at: 10420 Metric Blvd Ste 150, Austin, TX 78758

If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our contact page and drop us a note! We would love to see you there to share this unique exbeerience with all of us!